Getting a Degree With An Accredited Online Law School

Getting a Degree With An Accredited Online Law School

A lot of people would think that if you have gotten your law degree from an online school, that it is not worth anything at all. This is not true since no law degree is easily passed when you don’t put all your effort into it. This means that you will still have the same experience when studying long hours and memorizing various concepts and laws.


Online law schools are not a shortcut as everyone thinks they are. They are the same when you go to an actual law school. The only difference is that you can earn them online instead of a school setting. You still meet up with professors of classes and discuss topics even in just a different environment.

Competing With Accredited Schools


A lot of problems do arise when one is looking for an accredited online law school. This is because as of the moment there is no online law school that has yet been accredited by any state. This means that you cannot get your license since you will not be able to take a bar exam.


The bar exams are the most important part of taking a law course as this will be the commemorating phase where you will finally prove that you can obtain a license. At the moment, only the state of California is giving permissions to students from online law schools to take bar exams.


Requirements for taking the bar exam in California


  • You have to live in the state or transfer residency
  • You should have completed a minimum of sixty hours in courses credited at the school
  • You need to have a GPA which is above the minimum when graduating
  • You need to complete around 864 hours of studying and preparation each year
  • You have to be enrolled in a registered online law school
  • You have to be registered as a law student


Those are the requirements you will need when you plan on pursuing your license and taking the bar exams in California.



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