Tips to Eliminate Pet Stains and Odors in Your Carpet

Tips to Eliminate Pet Stains and Odors in Your Carpet

Carpet are typically used for numerous different purposes such as insulating your feet form concrete floor or cold tile, adding comfort when sitting on the floor, and adding colour and decoration to your home interior. It is a good investment so it only pays to keep it clean. Nevertheless, there are some instances when your carpet’s cleanliness is compromised especially when there are pets and kids around.

Therefore, there is also a need for you to learn how to maintain the carpets’ brand new look. Since carpet is not cheap to keep on purchasing, ensure to make it clean and smelling nice. Keeping it looking and smelling nice is a bit challenge specially if there are pets at home. However, there is no need for you to get rid of your pets just to keep your carpet stain-free and odourless.

Here are some ways on how to remove the stain and smell that your pet has left on the carpet.

  • Craft a plan. First, you need to identify where you can allow your pet to urinate before you start to clean your carpet. With this step, you are more likely training or teaching your pet about the proper place for urinating while saving yourself from worries, headaches, and from being annoyed when your pet urinate on the carpet.
  • Find the spot where your pet urinated. Locating where your pet has urinated may seem a hard task. The process can be simplified through examining your carpet closely through the use of black light to discover where exactly the stains of your pets and mark it with a chalk
  • Clean the urinated areas immediately. If your pets urinate in your carpet, it is necessary for you to clean it immediately through the following steps:
  • If it is fresh urine, you can use paper towels or newspaper to remove and dry it.
  • Rinse well the spotted zone thoroughly with clean water. Once you are done rinsing it, remove the water through the use of wet vacuum.
  • If the stains have been set, you can consider using wet vacuum to eliminate traces of heavy stains in your carpet. It will help you clean your carpet thoroughly.
  • Use some pet-odor neutralizer once you completely removed the stain. Follow carefully all the directions to ensure that all the hidden parts of your carpet is cleaned and ensure every part of your carpet will totally become cleaned.
  • You can also use some spot remover products to completely clean and dry the area but you need to avoid the use of any steam cleaners or cleaning chemicals to keep your pets stay safe..
  • Clean the walls and floors. If your walls or floor has become discolored, it has reacted to the acid from the urine of your pet. Due to this, you need to immediately repaint it but ensure it is safe for your pets. You can ask the expert and reliable home improvement store to find the right products that is appropriate to your needs.

With all these tips, you will have assurance that you will make your carpet clean. Cleaning up the messes of your pets will now become easy since there are available products that will help you remove the stain and odors effectively.

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